I’m Olivia, wife and Mum to two young children (a girl and a boy), living in Berkshire, UK. I’ve been a stay-at-home Mum for the last 4 years or so and previously worked in academic publishing. Through an excessive lack of sleep over the last 4 years, and an exponential increase in the amount of Peppa Pig/Paw Patrol I’ve (unwillingly) watched, I think that all the really clever stuff I previously knew has been lost somewhere in the depths of my foggy mind. But, maybe one day it will resurface! In the meantime, I’ve started this blog as a means of firing up my brain and pushing myself to write more. This will have to be squeezed in amongst washing, cleaning cement-like Weetabix off the highchair and playing imaginary games involving dying (?!) horses and dogs with my four year old, or stopping my almost-two year old from head-butting the coffee table/me/anything he comes into contact with (we swear his head is made of concrete).

I love (in no particular order): reading (although it now takes me months to finish a book), period films & TV, meeting friends and family for coffee and cake, watching my children run around giggling madly, yoga, walking (but not in the rain), interiors (hello, Pinterest!), photography and Instagram (I’ve found some really inspirational people on there, and come across loads of brilliant blogs). Cooking is not my forte, but I do bake the odd cake or flapjack that turns out alright (at least, my kids gobble them up!). I have a terrible sense of direction and have been known to get lost in shopping centres.

My husband, Ryan, is freelance and works in the film and TV industry, so sometimes he works away for longish periods of time, and sometimes he’s at home a lot (both challenging in different ways 😉 ). He is an AFOL: no, it’s not a type of UFO, but an Adult Fan of Lego (yes, there is a proper name for them!) – our 4th bedroom is now a dedicated ‘Lego’ room, but the kids aren’t allowed in there until they’re older!

O x